BEEP BEEP – Where are we Going Next !!

BEEP BEEP – Where are we Going Next !!

Where does an introvert do business? Well, I do it in a fashion truck.

At least that was my original business plan. We were rolling. Yes, we were rolling all over the city of London in our Street Boutique mobile truck. It was fun – new friends, new experiences and learning to drive that big, big truck! Then, in November 2015, I decided to make a change – out of fear, I suspect. I decided to operate a brick and mortar store (actually wood and siding might be more accurate), an online store, and my ever-faithful Street Boutique Fashion Truck. An actual storefront would make everything wonderful – my business would be established and it would soar.

It was a simple decision even though I knew it would take a lot of work. I could do this, and I could do it by myself!

Shoving my introversion aside, I hustled. I gave up time with my family and friends. I devoted myself to making this multifaceted business front work and juggled storefront, mobile boutique and an online store launch. AND, it worked!

Excited to be in my own little boutique, I planned and budgeted for small improvements along the way. It felt good. I was moving forward. The store, the truck and the online store started taking shape. This was it. Finally, after a lifetime of seeking and not finding, I had discovered my calling.

I was determined to rock this, and more. I would be a successful, respected entrepreneur. Online was definitely the way to go. Unknown technology? Bring it on. I had this in the bag!!

FAST FORWARD a few months . . .

When did I sleep last? Each night I lay awake, my mind racing. So much to learn. So much to do. New technology, new terminology, inventory, a new way of doing business – they call it what? Omni channel? More like omni-stress!

Drained and on edge, I can’t think straight. This multi-tasking was frying my brain, and had been for a long while. What am I doing? Is this going to work? I was scared. I felt alone and was concerned because the stress from the continual anxiety was taking its toll on me. Also, working such long hours left no time to spend with my husband, my children and grandchildren. I missed my family . I missed them terribly. The dreams that had been filled with such excitement and hope were starting to crash.

To be continued…… on our next blog due out in a few weeks